Speed 3 in Surin
HI! For a long time I been missing all the good music in Surin and the show and all fun people you meet in Speed Music hall or Disco like I say.

Area great night and all the hot and sexy Thai Girls that come out at night? So what you need in Speed disco is a good table a bottle of whiskey like the 100 Pipes’ or Johnny Walker Red or Black and don’t come too early at night!

not before 11 pm and if you come alone be nice give away some drinks to your new friends around your table smile and be happy soon the come to you and you will be a part of the party.

It’s the way I love speed and do my story about Speed. I was happy tonight I was with my Thai Girlfriend and her 2 Thai sisters are was great.

We party to 4 or more after I liter of whiskey and a lot of new friends you stop to care about the time you only remember the staff says now you must go home and you know is the end of a great party in Thailand and Surin. Admin

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