Thai Girls – Noo

Hello! I am Noo and is a 20-year-old Thai Girl living in Kalasin. I’m working at the bus terminal where the Long way bus from Bangkok stops. I’m one of Thai Girls who work here and sell tickets. I like my job because you get to meet so many interesting people.

I worked here for 2 years and every now and then I see Thai Girls who come from Bangkok with their foreign boyfriends. It was one of these Thai Girls who tell you and tell how she meets Peter and she told me that I should try to write something on this Thai Web page and now I finally with a with little help I made it.

I hope someone sees this and wants to write to me. I speak English but not so good because I have so many people to practice with. I enjoy being with my friends and I enjoy going to the market and shop with my sisters. I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to joke and have fun. I enjoy going to the movies and I love to watch comedies.

I have no computer, but I usually borrow my friend’s computer. But I Think I can go and buy on in Big C, but I need some help me so I do know which one to buy so you might be able to help me choose the brand and tell you what is good and bad.

Or should you buy one of those IPad that everyone is talking about? One of my friends has a foreign boyfriend and I have been looking on his IPad and he says it is great. Hug Noo

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