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Hello! My name is Pha and is a 27-year-old romantic single Thai Girl. I live in Bangkok with my little Thai sister. I and my little Thai sister have a small shop together in MBK where I and my Thai little sister sell Mobil phones and computer parts tourists coming to Thailand to shop cheap.

It’s my Thai little sister who is the one who usually sits at the computer and looks for a good boyfriend. I know that I would have to meet a good man and my mom always asks how things are going with love do I have a boyfriend and so on. A week ago my little Thai sister fined this Dating Web page and shows it to me.

I like and hope it’s someone who wants to write to me. I am looking for a man who is around 45 – 60 years old who want to meet a happy and mature Thai Girl. I love to cook good Thai food and I enjoy traveling. I have traveled a bit but would like to do it more.

I’ve been to Vietnam and enjoy this country. Maybe when you and I know each other better, we could go on a little romantic holiday just you and me if you are the right man. I know a nice, cheap hotel because I’m not much for luxury and five-star hotels and all that.

I have a friend who works at such a hotel here in Bangkok and it is so stiff and not my style. Please write to me so we get a chance and talk to friends first and then we will see if there is any way to find love. Hug Pha

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