Thai Girls – Pensri

Hello! My name is Pensri and is a Single Thai Girl living in Ubon. I am writing this on because I want to meet a foreign man. I’m looking for someone who likes to travel to Thailand and want to marry a Thai Girl.

I work at Ubon and take the bus from the city to my Thai village where my Thai Family lives.I work at a music shop we sell everything from VCD, CD, MP3 and DVD movies.

We sell very much Thai Karaoke movies are very popular to sing Thai Karaoke in Thailand and it is good for our little shop so I’m happy.

I am a 23-year-old Thai Girl who likes to be at home with my Thai sisters than to go to a disco and party. But once in a while we Thai Girls who work in the shop go out with the boss.

We are 3 Thai Girls and over the boss and usually start the evening by going to one of Ubon Thai Karaoke bars are and then we usually end the evening with one of the Thai discos in Ubon.

Is a fun place that I could think of to go on a little more often but I prefer to spend my salary on clothes and Thai music. I am a good Single Thai Girl and I help my mom and dad to pay electricity and I usually shop at the market in Surin.

Before I go home after work I go and shop for meat and everything else we need but not Thai rice which we ourselves grow. I hope you will write to me soon kiss and a Big Hug Pensri

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