Thai Girls – Nook

Nook a Thai Girl in Chiang Mai
Hello! My name Nook and is a 20year old Thai Girl from Tak but I live in Chiang Mai. I am a young Thai Girl who has a small cleaning company that cleans in offices, and shops.

I had my business for two years and it is good for me. I like the responsibility and am my own boss. We are growing all the time because we are careful and do a good job.

I have long liked to meet a good man who likes to live in Chiang Mai or might settle here in Chiang Mai. And start something of their own in addition to my company where we can help each other.

I can help you with the language and you might want to help me to develop my business.I’d rather live in Thailand but if love has other plans.

It is not a problem as I’m sure our love so I can sell my company and move your time. I am a Thai Girl who likes to work but also other things like travel, garden, flowers and much more.

I bought some land back home in my Thai village where I want a small Thai house that I have started to build step by step.

It’s what we do in Thailand. When we have money, we are building a bit and then we work a bit so we get more money and then build a wall or ceiling and so on.

In this way, it has no Lon to the bank to be paid, but when the house is finished, it is paid. I do not like credits, but like to pay everything in cash. I hope someone would write to me. Big Hug Nook

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