Thai Girls – Bussaba

Bussaba a Thai Girl in office
Hello! I’m Bussaba and is a 23-year-old Thai Girl living in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. I work in a small office with three other Thai Girls. I’ve thought long to write on so now I think it’s my turn to write. I love Chiang Mai for the good shopping and the Night market and all the people is not like my home in Pong.

I am a happy Thai Girl who comes from northern Thailand my Thai family lives in a valley high in the mountains. It takes about 2-3 hours by car or bus to get home to our Thai village in Pong where my Thai family lives.

My family has much land with orange trees, rice fields, etc. I usually go home once a year to help pick oranges as my Thai family than sell to survive. I like to be home and see my family and my friends.

We have some Thai Girls who have foreign boyfriends who live in our village. Many meet their boyfriends in Bangkok or Pattaya, it will usually hit during the Thai New Year.

I have a way how to please the guys are on their Girlfriends, so I am looking for a man with a big heart that I can love with all my heart.

I am looking for someone who wants to meet a single Thai Girl maybe we can find love together. I hope you will write to me and we can talk on skype so I can hear your voice and see your eyes and your smile. Hug Bussaba

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