Thai Girls – Boom

Hello! My name is Boom and is a 23-year-old Thai Girl who works at a big store with construction products in Bangkok and this is my Thai friend’s bathroom and she just buys a big Jacuzzi tub. So soon I and my Thai friends try to bath Jacuzzi pool tub. I love the Jacuzzi tub and I love to fill the tub with bubbles and foam.

I think that you can see is in your dream two naked Thai Girls in a big Jacuzzi full of bubbles. I am writing this on because I want to meet Goodman who loves Thailand and would like to meet a normal Thai Girl.

I would love to house to meet a man from the United States or from Europe that is kind and above all faithful. I’m a Thai Girl from Surin has located about 450 km from Bangkok, where my family lives in a small village.

My Thai family has a small construction shop in the village where we sell everything and many of our customers from Europe. Many Thai Girls in our Thai village have met their boyfriends in Phuket or Pattaya.

And it’s few Thai Girls that have captured a single man who has visited his friend who lives here with a Thai Girl. But I hope I will be the first to meet someone in this way.

I like to travel and have traveled some in Thailand but I have never been abroad. If you do not count my short trips to the Cambodian border where there is a large market.

Where I have followed and acted with a Thai friend and her boyfriend. I like to read books and I like to watch horror movies and I love to cook good Thai food.

I hope you will write to me and I’ll tell you all about me and if you are the right man for me, I open my heart to you. I hope you take good care of me. Big Kiss and Hug Boom

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