Thai Girls – Bee

Hello! I’m a single Thai Girl named Bee and I come from a small island between Koh Yao Yai and Phuket and I often go to Phuket to meet my Thai Friends and my father works there as a Tuk Tuk Driver. I love to swim in the sea and we have the finest beaches I personally believe.

I would love to meet a foreign man but I do not want to work in the bars in Patong as many Thai Girls that is the only way to meet a foreign man if you do not do as I do now to look for a man on the internet. Maybe I could go on the Tuk Tuk with my father and talk to Farangs.

But it would not look good for my father so that is not an option so I had good luck finding that that I like.

I and my mother have a small Thai Sea Food restaurant that we run. It doesn’t come so much tourist to my island is mostly the rich Thai people coming but some Thai Girl with her boyfriend for a swim and have a good holiday.

I would love to meet a man who is happy and funny and likes to be with Thai people and love Thai Food. I think namely to cook Thai Food and is quite good at it.

I have learned from my mother and it’s the two of all the cooking in our Thai restaurant and we have two Thai Girls who work for us to serve our guests.

I am a happy Thai Girl who would love to meet you and maybe you want to come to Phuket on holiday and where we can meet and see if we can be a couple but I hope to write a few lines and send a mail to me so we can start talking. Big Hug Bee

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