Thai Girls – Anuai

Hello! My name is Anuia and is a happy young Thai Girl living in Phuket I work at a post office and help people to send packages all over Thailand and worldwide. Sometimes I dream that I get to go to some of the places, I look at the address on the packages.

I dream of traveling to Paris, London or … Therefore I write here at I hope I can meet someone who wants to experience the world with me and live life with someone who has the same dreams as me. I dream of Sailing around Asia, I’ve only been on a sailboat in my life but it was wonderful.

Yes, I am an adventure Thai Girl who wants to try new things so when I get old can tell my Thai grandchildren that I have seen the world and did you remember the storm as we sail around Australia and so on. I hope you would like to bring on your trip and we could live life together.

I am looking for a kind man or boy who wants to marry me and live the rest of our lives together. I work hard when I want to reach a goal and I’m not afraid to do some dirty work to achieve my goals.

You should be an adventure man who likes to sail and dare to implement your dreams. We hope you will come to see me in Phuket so we’ll see what love gives in the future. I can teach you to cook Thai food and you can learn me all about Sailing. Hug Anuia

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