South African Girls – Lora

Hello! My name is Lora and is a 23-year-old South African Girl who works in an office in Pretoria. Here I sit and work with some books and have a good life, I think, anyway. The only thing I miss is love and a man and my South African Friend find and told me that I should write here.

At first, I thought my South African Friend was crazy, why would I write this? I was almost angry at her. But now I sit here and write in the office.

Yes, I’m looking for a happy, happy man who is single so far, but I hope I can change that fact now that I announce myself here on

I hope you are looking for a South African Girl who wants to change my life, and as I see it as a new beginning of something that could be wonderful with a little work and a lot of love together.

I have fantasized about what it would be to meet a man at our airport here in Johannesburg and how I give you a big hug. I hope I am right when I write here and that everything will be fine.

I come from Jamaica living there my dad and my siblings are. Mom and I move here to Pretoria when I was a young Jamaican Girl. Mom had found a new one and then it was just to move to South Africa.

My Jamaican sister lives in England, and the life I have is because of my Jamaican sister and her husband’s help to pay my studies many years ago.

I have traveled a lot and I wish to meet a foreign man who wants me and a small family in the future. I hope you will write to me. Hug Lora

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