Russian Girls – Wera

Hello! I am a happy Russian Girl who currently works as a car salesman. I live in St. Petersburg and works at a Russian car dealership that sells pickups and our biggest seller is Toyota, which many want to buy. But other cars that many like are the Chevrolet Avalanche.

I like my job and things are going well for me. I sold six cars last month so I hope it’ll be a good salary so I can buy the land which I have dreamed of my uncle. I come from a Russian village just outside a place called Chudovo. I have saved a lot and now I finally have money to buy the land.

The next step is to start investing and saving in order to build the house. I already know what it looks like because I have studied architecture and economics. I have not found any Russian company that wants to hire me. Therefore I write here on

I, therefore, hope that life abroad may be able to give me except a man I can love, children, a job, a future. I would like to stay in St Petersburg in the future because it is a wonderful Russian city that you will love and maybe we spend our holidays in Russia, but at the moment so there is no future here for us. Hope you will soon write to me Hug Wera St. Petersburg

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