Russian Girl – Vasily

Hi! I am a Russian Girl that looking for a boyfriend and a future husband. I am a Russian Girl that live in Muzhi in Russia and my name is Vasily.

I work in an office and I take care of my boss meetings and I travel in my job. I love to travel and I Been in Moscow and St Petersburg.

So, Sometimes alone and some time with my boss. I love my job is to give me freedom but I like to find Love and a life without all this Russian Vodka.

I think is ok to drink and be with friends but Russia has too much Vodka and guys that drink all the time is why I try Internet dating.

I see on Youtube that some guys just think that Russian Girls only care about money. I never care about money, money is good to have.

But It does not give you love or happiness in a relationship. I know this my friend find a rice American Guy and it ends it bad.

He was thinking he can buy love and my friend was thinking money will all problem go away. The relationship ends after 2 years relationship.

I will not have that happen to me. So, I believe in a long time relationship. Also, I believe in love and don’t show me your expensive home and cars.

So, I want you and not your stuff. Therefore, I want true love and I want to build the relationship on us not on money and things.

I hope you know what I want to say. I looking for a man that is fun and open and like to travel. I want to meet a man that Is confident and does not have to brag.

So, If you are like this or thinks like me. I hope you try to come in contact with me. Send me a message I wait for you. Hug Vasily

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