Polish Girls – Irena

Hello! My name is Irena and I am a Polish Girl living in Warszawa. I work in the security checkpoint in the airport and usually sit and look at what people bring with them in their bags, but sometimes I’m the one that stands and does the Body search on the security point before going on the airplane when it beeps.

Usually, it’s something belt or keys that people forget to put in the basket before it goes through inspection. I like my job and sometimes I sit and dream of love when there is any foreigner man with his Polish Girlfriend who will fly home to an exotic country.

A country with high mountains with snow, or some wonderful town Or that house by the sea that is so romantic and so you can go down to the rocks and diving into the waves in the early morning when no one sees. Yes in a dream you can do a lot.

I find Singlegirlscupid.com and think about whether I could be one of the lucky ones who fly from Warszawa and after a few years perhaps is there a wonderful polish daughter that we have received as a token of love. Yes, I have many dreams but what are your dreams, maybe with some luck, so we have a few common dreams and you want to meet me.

We hope you will come to me and maybe we can meet in Warszawa we have a wonderful city here in Poland I know a lot of places we can visit and in case you want to rent a car and we can travel around and look on my country.

We have a great history and maybe you see the movie Schindlers list from the war. We can go and see this place if you want I love Krakow and I have family in this city. I am waiting for your mail. Hug Irena Poland

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