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Hello! My name Asuny and is a 25-year-old Single Polish Girl living in Gdansk. I have just found Singlegirlscupid.com and I thought I would write about me here and I hope you will write to me. I work here in Gdansk in a small Polish Restaurant in the evenings and on days I work at a shop. I have a little Polish Daughter that I take care of. I live with my parents in Gdansk and they help me to take care of my daughter when I work.

I lived with a man who left me and said that it was not his Polish Daughter and that I had been with someone else and then he is not his, and I have never seen him after that. I hope I can find a more mature man here on Singlegirlscupid.com who can forgive me that I have Daughter and take me and my little daughter to his heart.

I am always faithful and once you’ve captured my heart I am yours forever.I hope that you are a man who loves kids. I would like to have more children if you also want that? So my daughter can get a little sister or little brother to play with. I am looking for a kind and funny man.

I hope you will come to see me in Poland first, so the two of us can get to know each other here and if I think you’re right for me and my Polish Daughter. Then I hope you follow me to my village in Gdansk and see my mom and dad and especially my daughter.

If you want to live with me, you have to plan a future for us and for my Polish daughter because I do not live in your country without my daughter. I understand that I have to go without my daughter for the first time, but in the future, you need to plan for us. I cannot live without her. I hope you write to me. Hug Asuny Poland

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