Mexican Girls – Rebeca

Hi! My name is Rebeca and is a 24 year old Mexican Girl who lives in Veracruz. I work as a model and I work part time at a fancy Mexican hotel that my Mexican Friend owns and it is only 3 minutes walking time from the beach. I like to Dance Mexican folk Dance.

I enjoy traveling and I enjoy learning new things. I like to cook Mexican Food and I often invite my Mexican Friends and Family to eat Mexican Food and socialize.I am a Mexican Girl who is looking for a kind Foreign man to share my life with.

I’ve never had a real relationship but now I want to see if I can meet someone who wants to marry me in the future is why I am writing this on I do not want to rush, but I want us to learn to know each other.

I am looking for a Foreign husband and I can imagine living abroad, though I will miss my Mexican Family and my Mexican Friends. But as a model, I have traveled around Europe, the US, and Australia and have many Friends there.

I’m not a celebrity but I’ve made both smaller and bigger job but I have many Friends and Friends is one thing that makes you feel at home. I speak both Spanish and English. I hope you will write to me. Hug Rebeca

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