Mexican Girls – Belia Return to Mexico

Belia a Mexican Girl
HI! As you maybe know I am Belia a Mexican Girl, I add a story on I didn’t think I get so many emails as I get and the way to love take me to Canada and to a good mankind man.

I play in Snow and go ski and go fast on the ice on a snowmobile and ice fishing and many other things I never thought I can do in my life.

My Boyfriend drives trucks and in winter he drives a big plow truck to remove snow on the roads. There were many nights I went with him to see how he works and to see the wonderful Nature of Canada.

I been in Canada for 6 months now and soon is time for me to go to Mexico. My visa is finish and my Boyfriend want to make a long stay visa so I can come and live with him as his Girlfriend and later as his wife.

I will go back to my family to start in 6 month time he will come and help me with all the paperwork and meet my family and spend his holiday in Mexico.

If you see this story now you know I am back in Mexico I am happy and a lucky Mexican Girl Thanks Single Girls Cupid now I, not a Single Mexican Girl thanks for all help Hug Belia

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