Mexican Girls – Ana

Hello! My name is Ana and I am a Single Mexican Girl living in Mexico. I work in a Mexican Tacos factory and we have to labor all the accessories you need for you to get a good meal. We sell mostly to the United States but other countries in the world, we are not so big company but we are growing slowly.

We are a great group of Single Mexican Girls who sit and work and talk all day while we work. One day, one of the Girls say that a cousin of hers had written on and started talking to a man from the United States that might come and see her next month when he has a vacation.

I would love to meet a foreign man and I go to a beginner’s course in English as our factory has. We are about 40 of us going 2 times a week to learn to read, write and speak English. Our boss thinks it’s important to learn the language so he pays for us to go and learn English.

I like to study and I would love to open my own business and do something in the Mexican Food like Tacos or anything else. I have a secret dream to meet a man, preferably from Europe or Canada but I before I cannot English. I’ve tried to write in Spanish to some guys in Norway and Sweden, but I get no response.

I have some Mexican friends in these countries, but it says I have to be English or the local language. I am a good Single Mexican Girl who likes to listen to Mexican music. I like to go out into nature and being with my friends and my family. I love Mexican Food and I love helping mom in the kitchen with cooking Mexican Food when we are having a party.

I’m a Mexican Girl who likes to go out from time to time with the Girls from the Taco factory at a local Mexican restaurant and dance a little. We hope you will write to me and sorry if my English is not so good. Hugs Ana

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