Japanese Girls – Yoshie

Hi! My name is Yoshie and is a Japanese Girl who is living in Tokyo. I love cars with sound. I have a small Honda Jazz Yellow completely and wonderfully audio system. There I squeezed into an audio system with heavy bass and a clear sound.

I love cars and sound systems and I work at a car audio shop we also have a garage where we replace audio systems install DVD, TV and much more to our Japanese customers. This is where my interest starts for cars and all the fun you can have with a car.

I thought I would write this on Singlegirlscupid.com to see if there is any man who shares my interest in cars and maybe a cozy car we can go around in. I love old cars, but there is not much of it here in Japan. I dream to start a family and have children in the future.

I do not see children as an obstacle to a deep interest in cars without an opportunity to bring my interest on to my children. Besides cars, I am like many other Japanese Girls happy and like to cook Japanese food.

Yeah, I’m not the usual Japanese Girl but I have a heart of gold and I promise to make you happy if you are kind and faithful and you will never regret that you wrote to me. Big Hug Yoshie, Tokyo

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