Japanese Girls – Aiko And Aya

Hello! We are two single Japanese Girls who are studying in Tokyo. My name is Aya and my friend called Aiko who is standing next to me. I also want to write on this website as my Japanese Friend did, and I hope that I can also get answers from someone wonderful man who wants to be my boyfriend in the beginning before we get married.

I come from Kofu to study to be a Japanese Teacher like my Japanese Friend Aiko as you have already read about. I have not as lucky as my Japanese Friend but I have a sweet grandmother who helps me with my studies and then I borrowed some money to pay for my studies.

But I know it’s worth every Bath as I have invested in my education. I think that my Japanese Friend living abroad is good for my future profession and to give my Japanese Students education and a better future for my Japanese Students.

I would love to meet a man who is a teacher at any time in the future but want to live in Japan.I’m good at school and I’m working every night in a Seven Eleven store to get it to work with rent and everything else.

I have a huge disciplined and know what I want, so that’s fine for me. I hope I will do well and there is not that far away and I have good grades from my Japanese Teachers.

I am looking for someone who is kind and who loves children. I would love to meet you seeking a common good Japanese Girls who want to have children and family. I hope you enjoy the photo and you will soon write to me. Hug Aya

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