Hong Kong Girls – Dandan

Dandan a Hong Kong Girls
HI! My name is Dandan and I am a Chinese Girl living in Hong Kong. I work on a company that for preparing and organizing the wedding for Chinese, Hong Kong People and foreign couples.

But also for Foreign men and women who have found love on the internet or on their vacation in Hong Kong. It’s a great place to work and you see happy people all the time.

I see all these people get married and the go to their Honeymoon to a great beach somewhere in Asia. But I see so much love and it hurts sometimes when will it happen to me?

Me a single Chinese Girl I been thinking for a long time to try the internet. Is like the Lottery if you not play you can never win. So I will try to play the game of love.

I start today you want to play with me maybe we win the grand price true love, Family, Children and much more I do not know what will happen.

So send me your mail and tell me why you want to be playing with me to win the lottery of love and I hope Cupid will make us the winner of his lottery. Hug Dandan

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