Filipino Girls – Diwata

Diwata a Pilipino Girl in Manila
Hello! My name is Diwata and is a happy Filipino Girl living in a town name Manila. I work at a company that has many businesses with China so it will be some traveling with my boss to China.

China is a wonderful country with all the history that I personally enjoy. I have many Chinese friends and have traveled to parts of China that are not so common.

I like adventure and I almost always take my camera with me. But sometimes my cell phone camera good enough anyway. I am an open and positive Pilipino Girl who enjoys traveling and getting to know new people.

I am writing this because I want to get to know someone that could eventually become my boyfriend. I am a Filipino Girl who is easy going and always happy.

I am looking for a man who likes to meet new people and be kind and wonderful. Feel like to travel and take me on romantic trips.

Maybe you want to see China with me after I got to show you some of my Country Philippines. I look forward to starting talking to you as are single and need someone to share your life with. Hug Diwata

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