Dominican Girls – Oria

Hello! My name Oria and am a happy Dominican Girl from the Dominican Republic who lives in Puerto Plata, Sosua. I own a small bar in the morning and during the day will be a small breakfast and lunch restaurant but at night it’s 100% party and fun.

I love my bar and would love to not move, but I seek instead a man who wants to move here and live the wonderful life in the sun and maybe together we can expand my Bar or buy another one that we can pursue together.

I am a happy but hard-working Dominican Girl I love to cook and I hate to work in the morning. Therefore, I have my Dominican sister who helps me during the day. She is gorgeous and she loves to take care of my morning customers and serve breakfast and talk with them a bit.

I am looking for a happy and funny man who likes to entertain people but do not drink too much. You should find it easy to talk to people from different countries and in case you can talk more languages, it is very good but English so it’s good. I hope you enjoy my photo. Big Hug Oria

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