Dating and meet a foreign Girlfriend

HI! I been looking on the TV show 90 days to wedding or 90 days Fiancé. I Think that 90 days is to short time for many of them,

but the best is that you can learn what they do wrong and what you feel is wrong before you start to meet Girls and get a foreign Girlfriend.

When you are in that place you don’t see the problem, you are in love! You must understand that foreign Girls from for the most time a poor family have dreams like money and safety like guys have dreams.

Money is a big problem and That you and she see life in a different way. You give your foreign Girlfriend a life.

Sometimes you see YouTube clip that is Negative to date a Thai Girl, or an foreign Girl look on them, you will learn so much and all is not black or White, what he does wrong?

What is the culture problem? Talk to guys who have more experience in BLACKMAIL foreign country where your girlfriend comes from.

Many foreign Girls don’t want you to meet local foreign guys that know the backside and they will say he is crazy American guy,

The true is that he knows too much and think if truth there are millions of foreign girls wait on dating sites that dream about you.

DON’T BE EMOTIONAL BLACK MAIL of a Girl or here Family. Put up some rules from the beginning YES, I help family if I can! YES, but not for party, you understand.

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