Chinese Girls – Qiu

Qiu a Chinese Girl Living in Hong Kong
Hello! My name Qiu and is a 24 year old Chinese Girl Qiu it means Autumn Dad thought it was a good name because i am born in October. I have three older brothers, who I have terrorized during my childhood.

It has always been taken care of bad boys when it was stupid ha ha ha, it’s good to have brothers. I am writing this because I want to meet someone to live with. I am looking for a European or Australian husband.

I have friends in Australia, Sydney and dreaming about moving you’re or to Norway and Oslo, where my cousin lives with her husband. But all this is just a plus for you guys that I hope will write to me.

The only things I really care about are how you are, Kind, calm and think about China and Hong Kong. I’m an open Chinese Girl who is determined by me. I am working on a Perfume store in a major shopping center in Hong Kong.

It is a paradise for me as a Girl and that Chinese Girl, I am happy that I can buy original perfume at a great price. But sometimes it can get a bit too much of a good thing.

I cry every month when I pay my good boss. I think it will be a lot of overtime this month it will come new perfume in the shop. I hope that this year will be the year when I find love in all the cases. Big Hug Qiu

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