Mexican Girls – Monica

Hello! My name is Monica and is an 18 year old Mexican Girl who lives in Veracruz I work at a large Mexican hotel near the beach.

I work as cleaners in the daytime and after my job, I walk on the beach and Paint people and then I sell my pencil Paintings. I have a small room where I can sit and paint of Mexican tourists and my Mexican Girlfriends.

I have many Mexican Girlfriends who want to get rid of paint, sometimes wish that I want to paint their sexy Mexican bodies. The last time I paint my friends, I was alone with two Mexican twins who wanted a painting with the both of them lying in a bed naked.

But that’s not why I write here on but because I would like to meet a good American or Canadian man.
How to want to meet a Mexican Girl, I am a good hard working Mexican Girl how to love Painting, travel, and Art. I hope you would write to me and send an email with your photo and a little about yourself. Big hug Monica

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