Mexican Girls – Angela

Hi! I am a Mexican Girl and I looking for an American boyfriend. I am a 20 years old Mexican Girl and I work in a supermarket. It’s a fun job and I meet a lot of people.

But I am a Single Mexican Girl and I dream about an American Boyfriend or a guy from Canada. So, what more can I tell you about me?

I am a Single Mexican Girl that have a lot of dreams. I love Mexican food and I love Family life. I love to sing and I love Music.

On my free time, I have a friend that has a small restaurant and sometimes I go there to sing its most for fun but its help’s my friend and I get some good food and a drink as thanks.

This is a bit of my life and what do I want of my Boyfriend American or not. I hope you are a nice guy that knows who to take care of a lady.

I don’t want a Boyfriend that just sit home and drink all day. I don’t care if you have big money, but you must have a home and a life where I fit in to.

So, send me a mail and tell me what future you have for us. Love and don’t forget the romantic part and love. Hug Angela

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