Dominican Girls – Zoe

Zoe a Dominican Girl
HI! My name is Zoe and I am a Dominican Girl that looking for a long time relationship. I looking for an American or European Man they are not so many that I see that come from Europe.

But the people I meet are nice and I like them. I work in a Hotel in the office and in the early morning I go up to the pool and swim before the tourist wake up.

So I hope you like my photo that my friend takes with her mobile on me. I hope it will be good and it makes you happy. I looking for a man that has a good heart and I looking for an older man them me.

I speak English and German so you know I have a friend that lives in German with her boyfriend. I am a Dominican Girl that love sport and I love books and I love to learn new languish.

I love to play pool and I love to play 9 balls and sometimes I play in the hotel bar. I hope you like my profile and soon send me a mail so we soon can start to talk. Hug Zoe

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