Dominican Girls – Yahaira

Hello! My name is Yahaira and I’m a single Dominican Girl that I work at a Dominican Modeling agency and book into customers’ orders and sometimes like the photo you can see, I’ll do an occasional a Dominican Modeling job too but I am Think I am not so sexy to do this kind of job.

But this customer saw me and wanted me to be the Dominican Model for his hotel. I am a 21-year-old Dominican Girl who likes my job but feel I would have to think of myself and start trying to find a good man to marry me.

I found this page by another Thai Girl who has written here before she will soon move to the U.S. to her boyfriend and she thought I would try to submit it here.

Besides modeling, I like taking photos and have the dream to become a photographer, and may begin working as a model photographer.

I have taken a few courses and the guys who work here as photographers have helped me and sometimes I have been practicing on some Dominican Models.

I like to cook Dominican food and I love to arrange parties for my Dominican Friends and I have also helped a Dominican Friend with her Dominican Wedding and it was really good and has received much praise for this Dominican Wedding.

My Dominican family lives in Santo Domingo we have a large townhouse that we share. We hope you will write to me. Hug Yahaira

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