Dominican Girls – Cara

Hi! My name is Cara and I am a Dominican Girl. I come to Single Girls Cupid to try to find love and an American Husband. It’s the first time I try Internet dating.

I am a hard-working Dominican Girl and I don’t look for the easy life like a gold digger. I work in an Exchange office I have a box on the way to the beach where I live.

So, I meet a lot of guys and some try to get me. But I am a bit scared for the guys and I think the just want one thing and its sex.

But I am a good Dominican Girl and I want a real boyfriend and not go with a man that only wants a one-night stand. So, do you want a real Dominican Girlfriend?

Come to me and talk a bit. If you are a good man that wants to marry a Dominican Girl. So, if you want to know all about me and my life send me a mail. But I can tell you some small things about me.

I am a 24 years old Dominican Girl. I have one sister and an older brother that looking after me, so I don’t get in problem ha ha ha.

So, you need to show him that you are a good man. I love Animals, dogs, big dogs, and parrots, and my family has a macaw that loves me.

His name is Mr bean and he comes to us about 10 years ago. Mr. Been don’t love me too much but he loves my younger sister that give him food every day.

But now I think its time for you to take the first step and send me the mail, so we can talk and maybe we can talk on skype so. Hug Cara

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