Dominican Girls – Ana

HI! I am Ana a Dominican Girl. I am 25 years old I work on a boat going out with tourist to show the Hump Back Whales it Over 4000 Hump-Backed Whales swim across the Atlantic to the Dominican Republic each winter I Live and work in Puerto Plato I Love the sea and my work.

I am a single Dominican Girl ho looking for love and a long-term relationship. I love children and I looking for a good and fun man with a big heart. He likes to travel and meet new people.

I like to cook Dominican food and I like to work and I like to learn new things. I am a Dominican tourist guide and I think I can work like that in other countries too.

I speak German, English and Spanish my family lives in Azua and mom and dad and have a small shop and my sister goes in a Dominican school in Azua she wants to work in a Dominican hospital as a nurse. I hope you want to send me a mail so I can tell you more about my life. Hug Ana

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