Dominican Girl – Emely

HI! I am Emely a Single Dominican Girl that looking for an American or German Boyfriend. So, I live on one of the Ilands here in the Dominican Republic.

My dad is a fishing man and I grow up in a small village. But Just now I love my life in my Apartment and to work in one of the Hotels that we have here.

So, I love to meet people and I love American and German guys. Both are good even if German guys are a bit different. But I love the way they think.

They believe in to do things one time and do it right. I also believe the like to know thinks and not just think the know.

Anny way I love to meet a good man that believes that a man will be the boss. Believe in God and keep the traditions and Wife, children and family.

It may not be as in the 18th century but you probably understand how I mean. We live in 2019 but I think that a man knows best.

Also, If I will live in Germany or America I know that is the truth. My husband will know the best and I must learn a lot of new things.

So, I will put my trust in him and to God to give me the right man. So, what more can I tell you I am the oldest in my family.

I am one of 3 sisters and my Dad. My mom, she left for America Love and all that. So, I talk care of my sisters and make sure the go to school.

So, I hope you like me and also I hope you want to talk to me about love, life, and the future that we can have I hope to be your Dominican Girlfriend and wife. Hug and Kiss Emely

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