Cuban Girls – Lola

Lola a Cuban Girl (Small)
HI! My name is Lola and I am a young Cuban Girl I am friend with Bonita she shows me this dating site and some nice email she gets from guys.

I have been thinking for some days and now I ready to take the next step. I love to meet a man that can be my boyfriend and later my husband.

I love the beach and I spend much of my free time with my friend. I love cooking food and I love to arrange parties so I work in a nightclub and help to get people to the club and with the music.

I like to find a fun man that is older but is young in his mind. I am open to moving from Cuba but maybe you want to move to Cuba now when it looks like the USA start to open up the embassy and all that.

I think is a great time to come to Cuba and open up a hotel or? And start a new life with me on your side. I hope you want to contact me or come to Caribbean Cupid and look for me. Hug Lola

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