Cuban Girls – Ezmeralda

HI! My name is Ezmeralda and I am a Single Cuban Girl that looking for an American Husband now when Cuba start to open. I hope you like to start a new life in Cuba with me.

I love to build a future here in Cuba with you and live on Tourist from all over like Australia, Canada, Europe, and many other countries.

I have an old piece of land not far away from the beach that I think we can be happy and open a guest house and a bar maybe cook some food in a small restaurant.

Not big just for over guest and some friends. I am open to moving overseas to live with you for a short time to give you a chance to get to know me and build a relationship of love.

So, you will be sure about me and my love. So now I hope you want to take the next step to reply to me, so we can talk and see what Cupid have to plan for us.

So don’t wait just send me a mail is not hard don’t forget a photo. I will wait for your Cuban Girlfriend Ezmeralda


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