Cuban Girl – Alvera

Hi! Guys, I am a Cuban Girl that looking for love. My name is Alvera and I am a single Cuban Girl and I live in Havana.

But I am a Cuban Girl from Las Tunas here in Cuba. My sister and my mom and dad are still living in Las Tunas in a small house.

So, I am a Cuban Girl that has a job in a bank office. I love my job and I meet a lot of people that I get to know and that I can help sometimes.

I am a Cuban Girl that loves food and cooking and is what I love to do in my free time. I think I am a lucky Cuban Girl I can eat and I never go up.

I think is my mom that give me that DNA and I have friends that say I am a lucky Girl. So, I love romantic dinners but I don’t have a man.

So, Are you a man that love romantic dinners? and love Cuban Girls? and want to have a Cuban Girlfriend?

I hope so I want to meet you and if you are a nice man I hope you can be my Boyfriend and in time I hope you can be my husband.

So, I looking for that romantic man that is fun and open and love to spend his time in Cuba. If you love Cuba I think I can be yours. Hug Alvera

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