Colombian Girls – Isabella

Hello! My name is Isabella and 19-year-old Colombian Girl. I was bored today and I see only a lot of horny guys that after 2 min on msn immediately want to see me in my web cam and then you know what the next comment is, I can see your Colombian breasts, nice :-/

and then they expect me to take off my clothes until I’m completely naked so they can see my sexy Colombian Girls body. I hope that through this blog dating to meet a mature man who knows how to deal with a Colombian Girl. I keep on studying at a Colombian university to learn about corporate finance and business management.

I’ll take over my father’s company, or I’ll open their own I have many. But right now I want to try to find someone to talk to because I have a little more than half a year left on my studies.

But I think this time is a good time to start to talk to learn about you and me. I am looking for a man who is 30 to 40 years old who want to build a new future and I want to start something of their own from scratch.

Perhaps no hotel, shop, or Web / Internet company, I want to do something that I can be proud of and I have some good ideas that are good that can provide good returns and good money. But above all, I have a boyfriend and future husband. Hug Isabella, Bogota

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