Colombia Girl – Kelly

HI! I am a single Colombia Girl that looking for an American boyfriend. My Name is Kelly and I am a Colombian Girl that live in Cali.

I live in a small apartment with my best friend. We have a nice 3 room apartment that my friends American Boyfriend have.

He has a company here in and a small Guesthouse that we take care of. So, I and my friend take care of all in the Guesthouse.

I love to Cook Colombian food and take care of the bar that we have. It’s so much to do all day long but we are a team.

But I wish I can find a man that maybe have dreams and want to start a new life in Colombia. I know we can find a nice place to live in.

And Peter says we can stay in my room to we find out what to do in Colombia if you want. But I think we can whit a life in America if you want.

So, I am a Happy Colombina Girl that love speed and hard work. Like I tell you before I love cooking Colombian food.

I love to do sport like running. so, I love to swim in over the pool. We have one on the back side that I love to take a morning swim in.

Also, I love to travel is why I end up in Cali. I am a village Girl from a small village and my family is still living there.

When I was 16 I start to travel with my dad It’s was amazing to see a new city’s and I think I like to see more of my couItry.

My dad is a sell staff So, He take me with him. It gives me so much and I grow a lot at the same time and I get to see my country.

I learn a lot on the trips that I never can learn in School. But in time I grow up and I end up in Cali and I meet my friend and start my life.

But some time i miss my family and my village. But we not have fast internet and the chance is like sero to find a man to marry is not good.

I hope someone like my story is so hard to say something about your self. So send me a message and let’s see what happen. Hug Kelly

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