Brazilian Girls – Yara

Hello! My name is Yara and is a 26-year-old Brazilian Girl living in Rio de Janeiro. I work with my father for the last four years in the Brazilian real estate industry. We buy properties and renovate them and then we sell houses. I own a house with 15 apartments and a large pool.

This is my first investment, which I will keep to build housing with luxurious apartments of high quality. It is for high-income entrepreneurs in Brazil and for foreigners who want to live well but do not want to bother with buying the apartment, we offer full service Right now me and my dad to lock on a group of real estate in Rio de Janeiro that is for sale.

I plan to buy everything is ready now it’s just little things to be checked and then the lawyer look at all the papers. After that begins a great job to start rebuilding and repairing houses and find new tenants. I’m not looking for someone who wants a Brazilian Girlfriend who just sits at home.

I want to build my Brazilian empire and a financially secure future which I largely have. No, I’m looking for someone who wants to help me with my vision and you find the shops and maybe bring in new thoughts and ideas that are not in Brazil.

I like to travel and have traveled a lot and I have a course in corporate finance, law, and architecture that I love to work with and it is necessary to understand the drawings and other papers when you come out at construction sites. I want to meet someone with experience or good educations that can help my business grow and who want to live in Brazil.

I am looking for someone who can live with a successful Brazilian Girl without making you feel offended and not as master over me. It has been my problem with my Brazilian boyfriend that I broke up with about 4 years ago. However, I did so his Brazilian friends talk bad to him as it happened as it went and it ended.

I think you know what I mean, so I hope you write to me soon and you are welcome to Rio de Janeiro and we can get together and see what happens I can show you Rio de Janeiro a city that I love and that I want to be ower home for a long time. Hug Yara

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