Brazilian Girls – Yara

Hello! My name is Yara, is a Brazilian Girl from Rio de Janeiro. Here I live in the host’s most wonderful city but I am looking for someone to share my life with. I am a hard working Brazilian Girl who works in sales at a major Brazilian company.

I have a good salary and I bought my Brazilian dream house with a wonderful pool at the back. I have as you can Photo, a good job and a good education.

I can think to move to another country and my Brazilian house; I can rent out so there are no major problems. If I rent out this Brazilian house, it easily pays the loan which I have in the house.

I am looking for an open, kind man that is fun and easy to have easy to meet new people. I would like you to write to me could come and meet me here in Rio de Janeiro if you want me to settle in another country.

I want to be sure that you are serious I should take such a big decision. But to begin with, considering my Skype good or my g mail so we can talk a little bit about what your dreams who you are and what you want to do in the future.

May you even want to move here? What do I know? I’m open to any suggestions as long as it is meant seriously, and that you are an honest man and want to meet a Brazilian Girl. Hug Yara

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