Brazilian Girls – Nicole

HI! I am Nicole a Brazillian Girl that looking for Love and a Husband. So, I am a Brazilian girl that loves to be with friends and do small home parties

Also, I love people and I can not live alone with no friends. So, I hope you that dream about me as your Brazillian Girlfriend have some friend with a Brazilian Girlfriend.

Or a working friend that is Brazilian. I just want to make sure you think about this part. I have a friend in America that tells me that she misses friends.

I will tell you I come to you for Love, not for friends. But if I am with you all the time you will be crazy on me and maybe dump me ha ha ha.

You know what I mean to people together to much will start to fight. You need space to give me love and dreaming about coming home and give me love.

Eat my Brazillian food and be romantic with me. So, maybe in time, I can find a job that can help us to make ower life together better.

But in the beginning, I just want to give you my love and get to know the man I will get married too.
So, do you want to meet me? Hug Nicole

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