Brazilian Girls – Lara

Lara in Rio a Brazilian Girl
Hello! My name is Lara and is a 24 year old Brazilian Girl living in Rio. I am a Brazilian Dentist and I work at a small Brazilian clinic with my two Brazilian colleagues.

I have been a Brazilian Dentist here in 2yrs and have a good time but I am a Single Brazilian Girl and would like to meet a nice and decent Western man who wants to marry a Brazilian Girl.

I know I can with my professional work anywhere in values so that living abroad is ok for me. I am a happy Brazilian Girl who likes to talk to people and is very social and likes to make new contacts.

I like traveling and I like good food and my new hobby is wine. I’ve started to buy some wine and learn about wine. I would love to live in France, Spain or Italy in the future if love is there … Ha Ha Ha.

Well a little French, I would like to learn. There is so much to attract in the future and it would be more fun if I had someone to share it with. I write here to find you, and I hope that you, as I like wine and good food.

I hope that you, as I have a stable life with a good job that allows us to have a good future and we can live a life that we want.

I dream of a family a few years, but before that, I want to find love and lay the foundation for us and our lives. I want to travel a bit and find new interests with you. I hope that you are a gentleman who writes to me. Hug Lara

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