Brazilian Girls – Izabela

Hello! My name is Izabela and is fun and cheerful Brazilian Girl who works in an office. I live in Natal. Apart from my job that I love so I like to dive and snorkel.

I love the Brazilian ocean and the Brazilian wildlife that is there and it’s one of my great interests in life. I work extra as a Dive Instructor on Natal during the tourist season. I meet many foreign guys who Dive Instructor but many do not think I am interested in them.

But many will go out to the beer bars on Natal to meet with other Brazilian Girls and I know some of my Brazilian friends who have tried that route and got a good and happy life. But I have not dared to go and meet with a foreign man or Gringo as we say in Brazil.

My dream job is to work with diving full time and teach others to dive. I dream to appear elsewhere in the world and I dream about meeting a guy, one who, like me likes to dive and have a great interest in animals.

Money is not important in my life but I hope you have a home and a job so we can live and have a good life and maybe start a family and all that I want to have in over life. Hug Izabela

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