Brazilian Girls – Ann

Hello! My name is Ann and is a 25 year old Brazilian Girl. I am a model and modeling photographer from Brazil. I love my job and I travel a lot to look for new models.

I am a single Girl who longs to meet a man. I am looking for a man who loves nature and animals and photography for which it is also my hobby. I enjoy traveling and I can speak English.

I and my friend are opening a Brazilian modeling agency. I want to meet a man who likes to travel and who may want to help me succeed and build a new future in Brazil. I love the inside more than outside.

I know I’m sexy, hot, and so on but I’m not that kind of Girl who cares about all that. It’s my job to look good but when I’m home alone I just want to be Ann and have cozy evenings with good food and my friends. Hugs Ann

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