Brazilian Girl – Isabel

Hi! I am Brazilian Girl and I looking for a Boyfriend. It’s my first time I go online and try dating It’s my friend that says to me to try internet dating.

So, now we are in front of my computer and try to find something good to say. I am a Brazillian Girl that love jokes and to have fun with my friends.

Also, I have the serious side of my life. I love to help people and young kids that are in trouble ad need someone to talk too.

I want and wish to be a youth worker and psychologist so that is what I study to now. I have half-year left for my education to be complete.

I also, Love to cook food and I love flowers and I love dogs. So, If you are a man with a cute dog I will be crazy in love with you and your best friend.

I love Big dogs and ha ha ha big guys. I love guys that love nature and yes I love football too as All Brazilians do ha ha ha.

So, I hope you love Brazil and been here some time and I hope you planning a trip to Brazill in 6 to 8 month to meet your Brazillian Girlfriend.

I hope that that Brazilian Girlfriend can be me. So, send me a message and let’s talk and see if we can meet if you want me to go with you? We can talk about it. Hug Isabel

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