Brazilian Girl – Emanuelly

Hi! Guys, I am a Single Brazilian Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. I Don’t know if I as a Brazilian Girl will get an American Guy or maybe a European Guy.

So, I will see what happen. I have a friend that ends up in Germany after Trying the Brazilian Cupid but I know one Brazilian Girl that tells me about Single Girls Cupid.

She finds love here with an American Guy and they are married now and they have a family. But now to me, I am an active Girl that has a Bar/Restaurant here in Brazil.

I love speed and meet new people. I love music and I love to sit and talk to people in the bar to make sure they are happy and come back to us.

But as a Single Girl, I come to that time in life I like to find a Boyfriend that want a new life. I am a bit scared but I love to try something new.

So, I am looking for a good guy that loves Brazil and love the people here in my country. I hope you love the local food and I just like to tell you I love Cooking.

I also, Hope you plan a trip to Brazil in the near future maybe 6 to 8 months time? Come and see me I have a friend that has a nice Hotel.

So, Let’s see what happens with love and dreams. Send me a message and tell me about your life and what you love to do in your life. Hug Emanuelly

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