Your Russian Girlfriend Online?

Hi! Guys, I am Nikita A Russian Girl that hopes to be your Russian Girlfriend online. I hope you think I am that sexy Russian Girl you looking for.

So, I am happy that I come to Single Girls Cupid I look around and I find a story about a Thai Girl and I love her story and her way to tell us that feminism is bad.

I think that the same salary for the same job is one thing. But all crazy American Girls ha ha ha I know why it’s so many single American Guys.

So, I was thinking to have a sweet photo of me. But That Hot sexy Thai Girl on My Thai Cupid get me Thinking I will try to steel an American husband

from one of that fucking stupid American Girls that belive that the Caucasian Man is Toxics and that he must die and all that fucking shit.

Let them die and Give space to us real Girls that want to be a real Girlfriend. I am a Russian Girl that belive in the life my mom and dad live.

My mom was a real Russian wife and my dad was in the army like many Russian guys were. A Real man hard working for his country.

You don’t need to be an army man but I hope you believe in marriage and family. Also, believe that the husband knows best.

But and that is big but I hope 2020 will change my life. Russian people love Vodka but I hope I can find a man that doesn’t drink it like water.

I hope I can be your Russian wife in the future and I hope you think I am a sexy Russian Girl. I will try to sing up to that Russian Dating sites so we can talk. Hug Nikita

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