Ukrainian Girls – Maria

Ukrainian Girl living in Kiev
Hello! My name is Maria and is a 25 year old Ukrainian Girl living in Kiev. I am a single Ukrainian Girl who works at a bank here in Kiev. I meet many of our customers who live here in Kiev with his Ukrainian Girlfriends.

From one of them tell me about that he thought that I could try if I wanted to meet a good man. I now look at this page in one month’s time and I think it’s time to write here on

I hope that maybe I can meet someone here and that 2013 could be my year and that love can blossom and a new future together.

I can tell you a bit more I am a happy Ukrainian Girl who like to travel and I have traveled extensively in China and I have been in Burma and many other places in Asia.

I love food and am good at cooking Thai food and I try to learn other Asian dishes that I have encountered in my travels.I love evenings at home watching television with my friends or my family.

I like to go to different stores on weekends when I’m free. It’s so much fun you can do here in Kiev, I hope someone would write to me and maybe you want to see me in Kiev eventually.

If we like each other so maybe we can take a cheap ticket to Bangkok and maybe have a romantic week in Koh Chang in Thailand, an island that I miss so much. Big Hug Maria

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