Ukrainian Girls – Kejan

A Good Ukraine Girl
Hello! My name Kejan and is a 28 year old Ukrainian Girl living in Kiev. I just got a new job at this bowling hall in Kiev. I have never been to a bowling hall before I start working here but now I love my job and I like to play bowling with my Ukrainian friends.

I come from Poltava but came to Kiev to study and then I have just been left here that there are jobs here. I have for some time been a member of some Ukrainian and Russian dating sites.

But have not found what I’m looking for a serious single man. Without it, most end up there to see me strip in my WebCam which I would never do.

I do not understand these men who do this way. One thing is what you do in private with her boyfriend. For what you do with her boyfriend is a huge difference for me.

I like to travel but have not been able to do it so much but I have traveled a bit by bus in Ukraine to meet my Ukrainian friends from that time when I study in Kiev.

I would love to see the values and would love to live abroad. Is why I am writing this on because I hope I can find love, I hope I can meet someone who wants to live with me.

I believe that only the foundation is to think of each other as love over time. So it was in earlier time’s mom and dad decided on whom you should marry and for many every life is good so it should work now. Hug Kejan

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