Ukrainian Girl – Sofiya

HI! I am a Ukrainian Girl that love to find a Husband. So, I looking for an older American or European man that is looking for a Ukrainian Girl.

I love music and I love to play the Piano. So, maybe you know some Russian Girls love to play Piano also we Ukrainian Girls do that as young Girls.

That is if you have family’s that is thinking that is a part of a good education like my mom do. I go and learn about Art and music like Chopin and Mozart.

It’s was boring as a young Girl but I love it now. I have study to be a librarian and I have a small antique store and I have a good life.

So, I love to travel and I love Asia I been In China and Thailand. But America and England are some places that I like to see.

I love new art and I love to collect things that can be big in the future. Like the new thing, I am in to is Love and Happiness.

The happiness I get on travel and Love I hope I will get soon from you. Yes you that single Guy that has so much to give me.

Girls maybe say you are boring and safe, I see that kind of Girls in my trips to Asian. Good guys whit Girls that didn’t love him.

A Girl see thinks that a man doesn’t do. So, I want to give a man really love and be a real Girlfriend
that can give him love. So are you ready for a new life? Hug Sofiya

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