Ukrainian Girl – Dasha

HI! I am Dasha a Ukrainian Girl that looking for a Boyfriend and a future husband. So, I am a Ukranian Girl that lives in a big city.

I have a Job in a lady bag shop. We sell all from Armani to Channel I love my job. But I want a life too so I see an American man that just come to Ukraine.

He was talking about dating and Single Girls Cupid and all the other dating sites he finds here. I love that man but I don’t know how to start to talk to a good man.

I am scared that they think I am a bad girl. We see them come into the shop some time. It’s not fun to see the buy a bag for 4000 dollars and a week later the com back.

I know that this man goes home and now she doesn’t care about that man just his money. I want to tell that girl that she is bad.

But I can not I know my boss will kick me out if I do that. But I am not like that I looking for love and a life with a good man.

So, Are you looking for a good Girlfriend? Maybe we can start to talk and see if we can start with a friendship that can be about love.

So, are you a good man with a big heart of love and is lonely? I really like to talk to you and see if we can find love. Hug Dasha

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