Ukraine Girls – Nadia

Nadia a Ukraine Girl
HI! My name is Nadia and I am a Ukraine Girl and I live on a farm that my family has enjoyed for generations and it’s my brother who will take over when my father and mother grow old.

So what should I do? I want to get married and maybe go abroad to have children and everything else that everyone dreams about. Therefore I search for a good and kind man to marry.

I love the slow life on the country side and I love to work hard and I work in a local hospital in Ukraine as a nurse.

I hope I can find a European or American man that want to meet a good Ukraine Girl that not in to shopping and party and all that.

Is not me yes I can drink, I can go out with some friends but I don’t need all that to have fun and a good time. I just want to have a man that can love me and have a castle a home,

that I can feel safe and secure like I do in my home in Ukraine. So send me a mail with your photo and we see what happen. Hug Nadia

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